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Grow your PPF and Window film brand with the confidentiality, quality and professional service you need.

At White Box Expert we are proud to be the number one supplier of PPF and Window Film on the global market for many of the largest brands.

We are industry experts with 30+ years of proven experience. We have the best products at the best prices and a bulletproof structure to grow your brand securely.



Anaylize your product and business needs

We’ll have a deep and detailed consultation to determine your brand vision and goals.


Source the best value catalog from our network

We have thousands of products and will bring you the best for your budget with a guaranteed consistent quality.


Marketing consult and/or full brand launch

A brand is powerless without an image, voice and personality.  We’ll help you grow from A-Z.

Client Confidentiality is no.1

After more than 25 years of manufacturing OEM products we have a proven concept; a special division with very limited access. Your information will be protected all the way from manufacturer internal sales to your door. Your clients will never receive a targeted email devaluing your brand by offering the same products for less.

*A trade secret has three parts: (1) information (2) economic value from not being generally known by others, and (3) reasonable efforts have been taken to protect the trade secret​

our services


Insider industry knowledge and decades of global PPF and window film experience drive our ability to help make informed decisions.

Product Knowledge and Sourcing

PPF and Window film can be seemingly very similar at first glance, but experience is what assure the right product for the price you want to pay.

Consultation or Full Service Marketing

We know the products and how to market them. Get a free initial design/content bundle with your first order - and be there in case you want more!

24/7 Support

We have knowledgable customer service team members spanning time zones. Whitebox Expert also means White Glove Service.

our Approach

We find unique and innovative solutions tailored for every client.

Your brand and market have special nuances and requirements.  We understand these differences and pride ourselves on having a vast network of quality sources to find the right products for each situation.

It takes decades of experience to understand the finer specifications between two products which, on the surface, appear identical.  Our reputation among manufacturers gives you the ability to trust the product that you’re putting your name on.

This knowledge combined with our in-house specialized marketing team make us a one-stop-shop for your new/expanding business.

Why Us?


There is no place for cookie-cutter thinking in the ever-growing market of paint protection film and window film.  In order to stand out, you need the right products and the right positioning.

30+ Years of

Before spending months or even years searching for a trusted source of PPF or window film, testing products from hundreds of “manufacturers” and in the end getting a inconsistent product, talk to us.  We have the proven knowledge to bypass the typical white-box hunt.


You’ll truly love our customer service.  We go the extra mile to make sure our clients are taken care of.  If you decide to use our in-house marketing services, we’ll guarantee your satisfaction.


After 30+ years in the market and building many brands, we have a wealth of data to make informed decisions.  Invaluable knowledge in a complex business.

in great company.

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